Our history

In 1905 Amedeo Petri bought a company manufacturing tapes from Giorgetti’s family in Castelnuovo Garfagnana and started the A & E Petri S.A.; the company changed name in SA Petri some years later and this is the business name which appeared in the Chamber of Commerce registers in 1927.

The existence , dynamism and consideration of SA Petri is documented by the two gold medals won at the industrial exhibitions of Rome and Florence held in 1911. We still cherish the two original diplomas. These two exhibition had been organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the constitution of the Italian kingdom.

In the early twenties the warehouse had been moved to Lucca in the present location. In 1930 Mr Amedeo Petri’s daughter married Giulio Grossi who started to co-operate in the family business with his father in law.

As written in the company registers, on March 29th 1947, SA Petri became Petri & Grossi. In the 50’s Alberto Grossi, Mr. Giulio’s son, started running the company after his father's death and today he still co-operates in the business with his son Giulio.

The company is deeply connected to the territory of Lucca where the textile industry evolved and has developed throughout all the century. In particular the sewing threads and crochet yarns business grew a lot thanks to Coats Cucirini and many other satellite activities which employed more than 6,000 employees in the 60’s.

This helped Petri & Grossi to build a solid industrial organization, to develop a precious know-how and to manufacture high quality products.

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